This is Not a Comment Fight 

Being a woman, I’m hoping it’s okay for me to express my own opinions on this whole Trump/women thing. 

I, personally, do not feel violated by Trump any more than I feel violated by that handsome, charming, young president who did, in very deed, break his marital covenants to the actual, classy Jackie O.  

I have not been violated by the multitudes of men who seek pornography, and there are some very sick, twisted themes out there. 

I have not been personally violated by those musicians who spread lyrics of objectifying, using, and disrespecting women. 

I have not been violated by the creators of movies and series that depict violent, or non-violent, treatment of women, sexual or otherwise. 

I may have been offended, hurt, and confused by them, but my person has not been violated. 

Here is a post that appeared on my FB feed because a friend of mine made a comment on it. I do not know who this person is in the least bit:

Maybe I’m a minority, maybe not, I haven’t been able to figure that out, but there have been times when I’ve felt like the minority and have been discriminated against for being “different.” I have been a victim of sexual assault. (And I hope this chic is not talking about some guy in a restaurant touching her rear- not that I condone that!) 

So, would she consider my perspective “clear?” 

Feeling like a president “cares” about your rights sort of depends on what you perceive are your rights, doesn’t it? 

And then, at the end she says this is not something to “normalize.” Really???

Unfortunately, I personally know quite a few real-life, regular, men (or boys) who, when in acceptable company, will speak in this exact manner. 

Here is post made by a musician whose music I adore :

To all my fellow women, Donald Trump becoming president did not take away your power. If you feel alone, surrounded by darkness, or powerless because Trump the Chump now uses the pens in the Oval Office, could there be a tiny bit of a need to reevaluate the basis and structure of your life? 

Here is another person about whom I haven’t any inkling. I want to fix his hair, and he’s not as good at the whole poetic-rapping thing as Prince Ea, but I listened to his message. All the way through. 

You Didn’t Vote For Trump – Or Did You?
He talks about how we as a nation have been feeding ourselves.

He cites this author. This has never been recommended to me by any of my friends. 

Image taken from Amazon

He shares what I think is a collection of lyrics from several of Beyoncé’s  songs. If that’s from one song – WOW.  And do ppl listen to these with their children???

He also mentions this movie. When I saw this ad in the paper, my experienced brain waved a little red flag. Sure enough this is not something I want anyone in my family watching, let alone my children, who saw the ad and got excited at a new cartoon movie. Yeah…NO. 

Image taken off the Internet.

There are many, many things I could add to this list but I won’t. 

I would like to quote something this guy says towards the end of his video, 

“Presidential candidates come from the same vulgar, sexual, violent, sex-obsessed, locker-room society that we’ve created.”

So, what is the difference between all the other popular, mainstream, misogynistic, vulgar, tax-evading, immoral men, and Donald Trump? 

Could it be that because of Trump’s decades long, lavish lifestyle; a lifetime of feeding his every desire; having people (including women) cowtow to his “power” (money and fame); and in short, giving in to his human nature and never having to censor himself (because it’s his empire so why should he) that he’s different from the idea we have in our heads of proper politicians who’ve spent their college years, and developing careers perfecting the art of oratory manipulation to gain staunch support from one group while still not completely offending another? 

Image taken from the Internet

It seems to me, that what has happened this year is that the mainstream culture immaculate has been voted to “run” our country. 

And, may I interject, the only time in my 44 years that a U.S.  president has directly affected my life is when Obamacare was put into effect whereby we were forced to pay a fine for choosing not to have medical insurance. 

I work hard to avoid vulgarity, crudity, and sexual explicity in any expression EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. 

I hope that can, in some possible way, be seen as a fight for love and respect for ALL humans. 


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