Trial and Error 

Our trials are learning experiences. They help us discern between good and evil which can enable us to become like God. 

Ask yourself what you can learn from your trials to help you develop Christlike characteristics. 
Here’s a great article on living after the manner of happiness. 

After the prophet Lehi died, Nephi had to assume the role of patriarch because his older brothers did not adhere to righteous living. Without their father around, Laman and Lemuel’s former antagonism became outright anger and hostility. 

Nephi cried much unto the Lord, then heeded the prompting of the Spirit to leave that part of the land. Taking any who wished to join them, they packed their tents and gathered their belongings, establishing their own civilization in another part of the land. 

Nephi and his people kept the statutes, judgements, and commandments of God in all things. They prospered in crops and herds. 

Nephi continued to keep the record as his father had instructed him. He taught his people to be industrious; constructing buildings, woodworking, mining and working with different metals. 

They constructed a temple after the manner of the construction of Solomon’s temple. They didn’t have the same materials nor as great an abundance, but they made it as finely as they could. 

Under the Prophet Nephi’s  guidance, their civilization was industrious and labored with their own hands to create a prosperous and peaceful life. 

And here’s the best part. 

    And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness. (2 Nephi 5:27)


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