His Love Cannot End

  {Painting by J. Kirk Richards}
{Lyrics by Joseph L. Townsend}
I saw this painting somewhere and was drawn into it by the emotion of Mary and then by the offering of peace by the Savior. 

Life is sometimes hard. We all know that. But not everyone knows how to comfort another because sometimes we just can’t relate. 

That’s part of the miracle of the atonement. Some how, some way, by powers inconceivable to humans Jesus the Christ ACTUALLY experienced your pain. My angst.  Your heart break. My weakest, lowest moments. 

What is the point? What does that do for us? What does that afford him?

Through the Holy Ghost, each of us can gain personal messages and answers. Through Christ we can each make use of the atonement in  several different ways. 

We must make the effort to get to know him and why he would suffer  as he did for us. 

Easter is a joyful message of conquering not just death, but hardships, undesirable qualities, and confusion. 

May we each seek him each day of our lives.  


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